With over 20 years of experience, our company
owner Norm Peterson is known for his quality
workmanship in concrete foundation services
for residential and commercial construction.

Our success is a result of hard work and the
refinement of learning and growing with what
works. In taking great care in managing
customer service and aspiring to higher
levels of expertise our company maintains
a long term perspective and vision.
As such, we have worked extensively
with several forming systems over the
years to accommodate the variety of
projects we complete.

We believe that safety is something that
happens between your ears, so we have
worked hard setting up our in house
safety programs and ensuring our
policies provide the safest way to
work so that our employees go home
every night to their families.

Ongoing training in all areas of concrete
forming is available in our company.
Employees have many opportunities to grow,
and strengthen their skills and build on their
successes within our company. We strive to
create an ideal working atmosphere
that satisfies each employee
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